Provide Manicure Services 

This is a fantastic course that will enable you to provide professional manicure service to your clients and enable you to earn more income from your business. No prior experience is required for this course, and is suitable for complete beginners through to students who need to brush up their skills. At the end of this course you will achieve a nationally recognised VTCT Qualification in manicure.

Course Content
  • Health Safety and hygiene
  • How to recognise diseases and disorders of the nails and hands
  • Anatomy and physiology of the hand, arm and nail
  • Aftercare and Advice
  • Filing and Cuticle work
  • Manicure Procedure
  • paraffin wax and hot oil treatments
  • Hot mittens
  • Exfoliation and mask treatments

There will also be two self study workbooks to complete.

A set of 6 Case Studies

and You will be required to return for a second day to complete three practical assessments and a written paper

Course Dates  

Monday 20th May 10am - 4pm 

Monday 1st July 10am - 4pm 

Tuesday 13th August 10am - 4pm 

Wednesday 25th September 10am - 4pm 

Thursday 7th November 10am -4pm

Tuesday 17th December 10am-4pm

​Second dates for assessments will be set individually with you 

Course Cost - £270.00

Plus exam Fee £50
Vtct Lifetime registration £16.00