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ATA Beauty provides a full range of beauty and holistic treatments to clients in Stowmarket and surrounding areas.  We aim to provide all of our clients with a warm, friendly and relaxed service.  We have an appreciation for the unique qualities of each client. We understand that all needs are different and that no experience is the same, it is our core philosophy to remain bespoke and people focused.

Treatments available by appointment. please note we will not answer the phone whilst carrying out treatments, so if we are unable to answer please leave a message or text jane on 07572 268543

Price List

Hands and Feet
File and polish (hands or feet)                    £10.00

The Jessica Half Hour Manicure  (30 mins)  £16.00
Hands and cuticles are conditioned and  moisturised. Nails are beautifully shaped and   treated with a prescriptive basecoat, completed by the perfect polish

Jessica Prescriptive Manicure  (45 mins)  £23.00
Nails are analysed and treated for their specific type.  Jessica’s prescriptive manicure includes   exfoliation, massage and cuticle care.  Nails are beautifully shaped and treated with a prescriptive basecoat before finishing with the perfect polish.

Jessica Deluxe Prescriptive Manicure with  Thermal Heated Mittens  (1 hour)   £30.00
Jessica’s Prescriptive Manicure with the luxurious added benefits of Thermal Heated Mittens for  deeper penetration of oils and creams. This     treatment choice is excellent for increasing circulation or relieving stiff, painful joints

Gentlemen’s Club Hand & Nail Care £16.00
Hands are exfoliated to remove dryness and massaged with treatment creams, Cuticles are   conditioned and groomed and nails are trimmed and shaped

ZenSpa Pedicure  (1 hour)   £30.00            
Choose between energising ginger, calming green tea or revitalising citrus for this luxury foot and leg treatment. Hard skin will be removed, feet and legs will be massaged with deep conditioning creams leaving them softer and smoother, your cuticles will be groomed and your toenails will be beautifully shaped and perfectly polished

ZenSpa Pedicure Deluxe(1 hour 15 mins) £35.00
Jessica’s ZenSpa pedicure with the luxurious    added benefits of Thermal Heated Booties for deeper penetration of oils and creams. Excellent for increasing circulation and relieving stiff, painful joints

Executive Footcare for men (45 minutes)£25.00
A relaxing and grooming foot and leg treament.  Hard skin is removed, feet and legs are massaged with deep conditioning creams leaving them softer and smoother.  Cuticles will be made neat and tidy and toenails will be perfectly shaped.

GELeration Gel Nail Shape and Polish      £20.00
Nails are filed and shaped and finished off with a Jessica GELeration polish.  (35 mins)  
                                     GELeration Gel Nail Shape and Polish Soak off existing set and reapply full set   £26.00

ZenSpa Pedicure with GELeration             £45.00
Choose from either Calming Green Tea, Energising Ginger or Revitalising Citrus for this luxury foot and leg treatment. Hard skin is   removed, feet and legs are massaged with        conditioning creams. Cuticles are groomed & toe nails are shaped, finished with Jessica’s     GELeration gel polish.    (60 minutes)                            

Eye Treatments 
                                      Brows by Mii -  45 min treatment               £20.00               
Professional Brow by Mii, has been created especially for you. The treatment combines an in depth consultation, tinting, waxing and finishing to deliver beautiful results, with the perfect arch for every client. 
Eyebrow Shaping   (15mins)                           £  8.00
Eyelash Tinting   (15mins)                               £10.00
Eyebrow Tinting ( 15mins)                              £  6.00
Eyelash & Brow tinting (25mins)                   £13.00

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash Emporium™ eyelash extensions are    manufactured to exacting specifications and are renowned for their soft texture, glossy finish and consistency of shape, thickness and length. The extensions are adhered to the natural eyelash   using a specialised adhesive. A glue test is essential.                                                                 
90 Minutes  Full set                                       £55.00                                        Lash Extension Monthly Infill  appointment   £25.00

Hair Removal                                           
1/2 Leg wax                                               £15.00                      
1/2 Leg & standard bikini wax               £20.00       
3/4 Leg Wax                                              £18.00
3/4 Leg wax & standard bikini               £23.00      
Full Leg Wax                                             £22.00          
Full leg & standard bikini wax               £27.00       
Standard Bikini line  (crease )               £10.00     
Brazillian/Hollywood                              £25.00         
Forearm wax                                           £10.00         
Underarm wax                                        £ 9.00      
Upper lip or chin wax                            £ 6.00       
Upper lip and Chin                                 £10.00     
Eyebrow Wax                                          £8.00      
Mans Back wax                                      £15.00      
Mans Chest wax                                     £18.00 


Facial Treatments 

                                                microZone® 30 minute facial               £23.00                       
With MicroZone® treatments. We’ll address your top skin concern, hands-on, with our   exclusive Dermalogica MicroZone® treatments – the quick fix for troubled skin. After          consultation and Face Mapping® skin analysis we will determine your skins most pertinent skin needs and focus on key stages of      treatment to get you maximum results in a   minimum of time.

Dermalogica ultimate skin treatment £38.00
Say goodbye to cookie-cutter treatments! The Dermalogica Skin Treatment is 100%         customised to your skin need’s based on     consultation and a thorough, zone-by-zone Face Mapping® skin analysis, making it one treatment… that’s different every time! Totally designed to meet to your needs, each       treatment includes professional double  cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), masque, toner and skin protection. - 60 Mins  
Mens dermalogica Skin treatment   £30.00  
      This is a bespoke treatment will help cleanse and revitalize, leaving the skin  with a fresh moisturized appearance  -  45 Mins 

Body Treatments 

1/2 Hour Back, Neck & shoulder massage      £20.00        
Full Body Massage (60 mins)                             £32.00   
Aromatherapy Back Massage                           £25.00 
Aromatherapy full body massage                   £42.00 
Hot Stone Massage
 This is the ultimate in   relaxation; it is heaven itself, combining massage with a technique using hot stones and cold basalt stones, which is very therapeutic! It is a holistic treatment which uses the healing properties of the stone to create balance and positive energy flow.
Hot stone Back Massage (30 mins)        £25.00       Full Body hot stone massage                      £42.00

Indian Head Massage                             £24.00
This therapeutic treatment relieves stress and tension leaving you feeling   completely relaxed and rebalanced.  It is extremely beneficial in reducing headaches, eyestrain or     insomnia and encourages healthy hair growth

Reflexology                                              £28.00
This is an ancient healing art, allowing the body to cleanse and detoxify by applying pressure with the thumbs to reflex
points on the feet.  This reduces stress and promotes relaxation.  
Hopi Ear Candles         £26.00

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